Make your own Website

Follow these instructions to create your own website!

  1. First open TextEdit on a Mac, Notepad on Windows or LeafPad on Raspberry Pi.
  2. Now write the following text:
  3. Now change your code so it says the following.
  4. Save yout code as index.html (It will not work without being called index.html later in the process!!!) If a box comes up asking if you should use .html instead of .txt then click use html
  5. Now go to the folder where you saved your file and open it in your preferred web browser.
  6. You can add links to your website using a tag change your code so it looks like this.
  7. To add links use the ul tag for bulleted lists and the ol tag for numbered lists. Have a look at this HTML code.
  8. To add special effects like underlined, bold and italics use the u tag for underlining, the b tag for bold or the i tag for italics.
  9. To publish your website online you need to find a hosting service. You can use Go Daddy or Github. These are just examples, there are many more hosting services in the world.
  10. Now you have your own website! Be sure to tell people how you created your website and tell them to come here to create their own website!

I made a website using HTML like this. Click here to go there.

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