Python and Idle

Do you want to use Python on your laptop or computer?

Well then you need to install it from the Python website or my downloads page.
Now follow the steps below. If you have a mac you can skip ahead to step 2.

  1. Don't click the button that says download.You need to selecct the computer system you have: Windows, Linux/UNIX, Mac OS X or other.
  2. Make sure you selec the top option or if you clicked other, then you need to select the top option for your chosen device.
  3. Now open the file that has been downloaded. It will ask you for an admin username and password.
  4. Python Folder
  5. Now go to your applications and open the Python Folder. Double-click Idle to start coding!
  6. Idle

This is one of my programs I made. You can write the code in your IDLE now and see what it does. After every comma start a new line and take the comma's out or it won't work!

from turtle import*, shape('turtle'), forward(100), right(90), forward(100), right(90), forward(100), right(90), forward(100), , forward(150), left(120), forward(150), left(120), forward(150),

NOTE:Don't install anything without the owner of the computer's permission!!!!

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